People stranded on island in Mahakali River being rescued by chopper

KAILALI: A helicopter has been rescuing the people stranded on the island in Mahakali River following incessant rainfall.

Five members of a single family of Khalla Masetti, Bhimdutta Municipality-9 of Kanchanpur have been trapped on the island in the Mahakali River.

Internal Affairs and Law Minister Purna Joshi said that a chopper has been deputed to rescue the family members.

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“We are in the Mahakarli area,” she said, adding, “A chopper will arrive soon to rescue the people stranded on the island. All of them have saved their lives by climbing up a tree.”

She further said that four persons have been stranded in Khimdi, Mohanyal. Minister Joshi said that 55 persons are stranded on the island in the Seti River. She said that a helicopter will be needed to rescue them.

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