Inundation takes a toll on Kailali people

TIKAPUR: The rainfall that occurred continuously for some days has taken a toll on various settlements in Kailali district.

A total of 313 households from Bhajani Municipality and 174 from Tikapur Municipality have been displaced after the inundation triggered by the incessant rainfall.

The displaced families have been taking shelters at community buildings, schools, in their relatives’ homes and even on streets and open places.

Bhajani Municipality is worst hit by the inundation. In addition to the displacement, a total of 4,848 families have been affected with deluge, according to Bishnu Neupane, chief of the disaster management committee.

“It is very difficult to manage such a huge number of displaced people. Municipality has distributed 1,800 bottles of drinking water. The displaced ones are forced to manage food by bringing it from their houses- whatever is left unwashed,” he added.

Neupane further informed that most of the roads are damaged here. Similarly, 75 percent of arable land in Bhajani is deluged.

As the rivers and streams are yet to recede, details on loss of property at home is yet to be collected, according to mayor at Bhajani Municipality, Kewal Chaudhari.

“Bhajani is in utter mess. Not only the people are displaced, but the livestock and crops are damaged. Everything in the houses is drenched,” he shared the plight.

Mayor Chaudhari wailed that the municipality alone cannot afford to cope with this disaster, so the federal government must extend immediate assistance.

Those displaced from Bhajani are forced to stay in tents on streets facing multiple risks, a local Krishna Dhamala said, adding that it was raining, while mosquito bites are equally menacing.

Similarly, the flooded Mohana river entered the human settlement at Tikapur Municipality-6, thereby displacing a huge number of people.

Chief of the disaster management, Nirmala Chaudhari informed that the households from Bhagwanpur, Preni, Narayanpur, Milanpur, Bhartapur, Sundarpur and Baghmara were displaced by the Mohana River floods.

Ward 6 is hit hard by the deluge. “It is difficult to reach the inundated site, ” she added.

Baghmara is inundated for the first time as a narrow channel was constructed for an irrigation project at ward 4, according to ward chair Lal Bir Chaudhari.

Meanwhile, the disaster management committee has decided to take help from the Rani Jamara Irrigation Project to repair the dams built at various places which were at risk of breach, causing further floods.


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