Internet and TV service providers in protest after NEA started removing wires (With video)

CHITWAN: Internet and TV service providers have staged a demonstration in Chitwan after the Nepal Electricity Authority started removing the wires of internet and Cable TV.

They staged a demonstration outside the office of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in Bharatpur, Chitwan on Saturday and also chanted slogans against Kulman Ghising, Managing Director of the NEA.

NISPN Coordinator Sudeep Adhikari accused NEA of cutting the wires of internet and cable TV by hiking the rental charges of utility poles recklessly.

“The Nepal Electricity Authority hiked the rental charges of Utility poles by 400 percent, but we are not allowed to increase the charge of internet and TV services. We are ready to pay the rent of the poles the Nepal Electricity Authority used to charge us before,” he said.

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Adhikari accused Energy Minister Pampha Bhusal and NEA Managing Director Ghising of showing their power by removing the wires at a time when the talks with the government are moving ahead in a positive direction.

He warned that TV and Internet service providers will shut down TV and internet services all over Chitwan if the government did not roll back its decision to hike the rental charges of the utility poles.

Meanwhile, the NEA said that it was forced to remove the wires after TV and internet companies expressed their reluctance to clear up outstanding rent payments.

As many as 30 internet and two cable TV companies are providing services in Chitwan. But, only eight internet companies are paying the rental charges of utility poles.

Earlier on September 14, the NEA had said that it will remove the wires if they did not clear up the outstanding rent payments within October 1.

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