Man arrested for killing 6 of a family in Sankhuwasabha made public

KATHMANDU: The man arrested for killing six members of a family in Madi Municipality of Sankhuwasabha district have been  made public by the police on Sunday.

Lok Bahadur Karki, 26, was made public at a press conference held at Chainpur Area Police Office this morning. It has been revealed in the press conference that Lok Bahadur has admitted that he killed all the six members of the family with a wooden log.

The police had found clothes with blood stained on it while searching karki’s home and on that basis he was arrested. He confessed murduring the family after furthur investigation conducted by the police.

According to the police, Karki has been identified as the nephew of the deceased Tej Bahadur Karki. The accused has said that he killed his uncle with a revenge as his uncle used to insult him. He said that even though he initially thought of killing only Tej Bahadur, others had to be killed in order to destroy the evidence.

The incident took place around 5:30 in the morning. Nephew Lok Bahadur hid himslef in the road to kill Tej Bahadur who was looking for a farmer to thresh paddy. After he hit his uncle Tej Bahadur with the wooden log from behind, his wife and daughter-in-law Ranjana came out of the house screaming. After that, Tej Bahadur also attacked them, according to the police.

After hearing the screams of the mothers, the children came out and Lok Bahadur did not spare them. He took two children to the house and killed them with the log and also killed Tej Bahadur’s wife who was cooking in the kitchen. However, he did not kill Tej Bahadur’s father, Buddhaman Karki.

Police had arrested Lok Bahadur Karki on September 11 for killing six members of a single family at Khola Gaun in Madi Municipality of Sankhuwasabha district.

Six members of a single family were brutally killed on September 6. in Madi Municipality of Sankhuwasabha district of Eastern Nepal.




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