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Zee News Chief Editor regrets his remarks

Motormouths must chew what they spew!

India’s television channel Zee News has finally apologized for its statement that India should lay claim to Everest after strong protests in Nepal. On Wednesday night’s television program DNA, the channel’s editor-in-chief and host Sudhir Chaudhary said that he did not intend to hurt the feelings of Nepalis, adding that his remarks would not affect the relations between the citizens of India and Nepal. “Mount Everest belongs to Nepal and no one can snatch it from Nepal,” he said. “The governments will come and go, but there should be cordiality in the relations between the two countries,” he said. “We want to tell the Nepali audience and the Nepali brothers and sisters that India and Nepal have and will always have the same relationship as Ram and Laxman. This is not to say that India should have a claim on Mount Everest. Mount Everest belongs to Nepal and will remain with Nepal”.
He goes on to say that no one can change the location of Mount Everest. Mount Everest is in Nepal and no one can deny it. We do not want to disappoint our Nepali audience. There is no point in disappointing you. Sudhir says, “Even if the government comes from somewhere, we and you should move forward together.” Politics is happening. There was never any problem between the citizens of Nepal and India. We will not allow any obstruction in the relationship even in the future. Nepali audiences are just as important to us as audiences in India and the rest of the world. We have only sought the credit of Indian mathematician Radhanath Sikdar, who measured the height of Mount Everest. Nowhere on this road is Nepal obstructed. We do not want to lose anything with Nepal and Nepalis. The only thing we are looking for is that India should know Everest by its own name, just as Nepal knows Everest. ‘India should also know it as Mount Sikdar, not Mount Everest. If Nepalis accept this, it will reflect their greatness. Mount Everest is called Mount Sikdar does not mean that it is occupied by India. It is always present on the border of Nepal and Tibet. This is the only way to correct the mistake that the British made when they came to power. We have tried to improve it. “
On Sunday, Sudhir reached the Everest base camp by helicopter and reported there. Earlier, he had a long interview with Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in Baluwatar. However, his reporting at the Everest base camp became highly controversial. Nepali media and social media users were pitted against Zee News on Wednesday afternoon.

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