Schools to remain closed for three days to avoid sweltering heat

BARDIYA: Three local levels in Bardiya district have decided to close schools for three days owing to sweltering heat.

Badhaiyatal Rural Municipality, Gulariya Municipality and Madhuvan Municipality are closing the schools for three days from May 28 to avoid scorching heat.

Satish Yadav, chief of education section at Gulariya municipality, informed that they took a decision for schools’ closure citing complaints from guardians, students and teachers that scorching heat had caused sheer discomfort in teaching learning activities. The municipal education committee held a meeting and took this decision.

Although teaching learning activities are halted, other administrative works would remain as usual, he added.

Similarly, education supervisor at Madhuvan Municipality, Khagendra Prasad Khanal, viewed that the teaching and learning activities could be continued in case of normal weather.

The rising temperature has caused patients’ flow in the district hospital and medical shops.

Medical superintendent at District Hospital, Dr Subash Pande, informed that the growing number of patients have crowded the hospital; more beds are needed.

The rising temperature coupled with the heat wave has caused illness among people.

Diarrhoea, skin disease, rashes and other infections are reported among the patients, Dr Pande added.


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