Tourist arrival up in Parsa National Park

BIRGUNJ: The arrival of domestic and foreign tourists has increased in Parsa National Park, officials said.

Information Officer of the National Park, Santosh Bhagat said the number of Indian along with the domestic tourists has increased compared to the past.

In the first eight months of the current fiscal year, the Parsa National Park witnessed the arrival of 613 tourists. During the same period in the last fiscal year, only 140 visitors had reached the Parsa National Park.

In order to ensure good hospitality services to the tourists there, a community homestay is run in the Sunakhari buffer zone area of the national park. The homestay has offered local cuisines and delicacies to the tourists arriving at Parsa National Park.

Besides the presence of endangered wildlife, the national park boasts of religious and natural heritages including Kaminidaha (lake), Halkhoriyadaha and Laukidaha. Religious sites Mayamandir and Dugdheshwor Mahadev Mandir are also there in the national park.

Availability of water sources in the national park, the number of Royal Bengal tiger and other animals has increased. As per the tiger census conducted in 2022, the number of tigers in the Parsa National Park has reached 41.

Considering the potential for touristic prospects and infrastructure development, the Parsa Wildlife Reserve was declared a national park in 2074 BS.



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