Artist Leo Jhankar’s ‘Ink Trails’ Exhibition in Siddhartha Art Gallery

KATHMANMDU : Artist Leo Jhankar’s ‘Ink Trails’ exhibition is currently being held at the Sidhartha Art Gallery in Babarmahal, Kathmandu. Jhankar was born in Khotang district.

The exhibition, which commenced on March 17, will continue until tomorrow, April 6.

Artist Jhankar portrays rural environments, cultures, and traditional items in his work. Similarly, he sheds light on the cultural aspects of the eastern hilly region of Nepal in his artworks.

In his drawings, he depicts traditional items such as haadi (a clay pot used for cooking) and nanglo (a flat bamboo tray made with bamboo).

Jhankar expressed his intention to convey a message to revive traditional elements, languages, and cultures amidst increasing urbanization and modernization.




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