CM Yadav appeals to development partners to work in coordination

MAHENDRANAGAR: Madhes Province Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav has appealed to the representatives of international and national non-governmental organisations to work in coordination with the provincial government.

At an interaction organised on ‘cooperation with development partners and future course’ here Monday, CM Yadav viewed coordination yields better results and fosters harmony.

On the occasion, Minister for Physical Infrastructure Development, Krishna Prasad Yadav, opined that stationing development partners only in Kathmandu was not proper.

Finance Minister Sanjay Kumar Yadav said the country cannot be prosperous if Madhes is left in poverty. He accused the INGOs of failing to deliver sensitively.

Vice Chair of the Province Policy Commission, Nathu Prasad Chaudhari, suggested working in unison to ensure better achievements.

A representative from INGO, Pramit Adhikari, however said it was comfortable to work in Madhes Province.


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