FNJ calls for media-friendly bill

KATHMANDU: The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) has urged the government to move ahead with the formulation of the media related bills based on the Constitution of Nepal, the universal standards and practice of freedom of press and expression.

A meeting of the FNJ officers and members on Wednesday decided to welcome the government’s initiative to present the media bill in the current session of the Parliament. The bill should go through the parliamentary process after extensive discussion and consultation with the concerned parties including the FNJ.

Considering the current situation where the media sector is facing a financial crisis, the FNJ has appealed to the government to adopt a policy of protecting the media sector, by among others, creating a media-friendly environment and increasing public welfare advertisements while distributing it in a proportionate manner.

The FNJ has also demanded that the new media be classified and included as eligible for getting public welfare advertisements.



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