Freezing cold affects life in Madhes

MAHOTTARI: Normal life in Madhes Province has been affected from the biting cold in the past three weeks. The cold has badly affected life in the districts of Eastern Terai including Mahottari.

Locals said that livestock were also affected due to freezing cold and harsh winds coupled with thick fog.

People’s mobility has reduced in both city and rural areas in the district. The business people said that the sale of thick woolen clothes has increased with the dip in weather.

Likewise, medical practitioners have shared that there has been a surge in the number of patients suffering from colds, coughs, asthma and others in the district hospitals and health facilities. Children, elderly people and pregnant women are at the receiving end due to the severe cold.

The people in different places in the district are seen keeping themselves warm by burning fire in the open space while some local levels are providing firewood for free and are distributing blankets and other warm clothes.



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