Now I am thirteen : Embracing my teen years

Yet another year has passed, but I have a feeling this year is going to be different. As if it’s going to be like no other, finally, since I am thirteen. It feels good. I am delighted and grateful for the ones I have and also for the ones I lost. I feel a wave of emotions hit me, maybe this is what they call adolescence.

The term adolescence comes from the Latin word “adolescere,” which means to grow up. Thus, adolescence is the phase of growth. This causes mental, physical, and emotional changes all over our body. Adolescence occurs mainly during the age of 13-19, which we call Teenage. At this time, we go through a lot of confusion according to what our bodies go through. The hormones present in our bodies are active during those years, and we need to manage and organize our emotions, especially since this determines the personality we will have in the near future.

This is the time we have to start planning for the future; people either go down bad paths or end up making good choices. We all need to manage our emotions to the best of our abilities. We might be overwhelmed, but just remember, even our parents have passed this stage, and once we know about it, there is nothing to worry about.

Research shows that teenagers going through this tend to do things more independently and also understand emotions as well as their learning better. Our bodies go through changes like hair growth in our armpits, legs, and arms.

Due to hormones, we also start getting attracted to others. Boys start getting taller, and their voices become deeper. Our reproductive organs fully develop, and our bodies show significant changes. We also start getting curious about many things. Sometimes our hormones take the best of us, and we are likely to get mad or sad about the smallest things. While many people are insecure about it, I think we should embrace how we look. Even I have insecurities, but I am trying my best to overcome them, with the help of our family and teachers.

An alarming number of people destroy their futures when going through this age. They turn into drug dealers, bullies, pickpockets, or join dangerous groups. This happens not only during this period but also when someone is dealing with past trauma. Not just children, even our parents also need to help us. Therefore, this phase ends with us maturing and turning into responsible citizens if we become aware of adolescence.



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