Karnali police launch QR code system for filing police complaint

JAJARKOT:  The Karnali police have launched the QR code system in a bid to facilitate people file police complaints.

With this, people no longer need to reach police offices far away from rural villages in some cases to lodge police complaints as the police have pasted QR stickers at their homes. In some cases, it takes hours for people in rural areas to reach nearby police offices for registering complaints.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Bhim Prasad Dhakal, the provincial police chief, inaugurated the QR code system amid a function here.

Now Karnali residents can file a police complaint from their home through QR code, said civil society leader Rajendra Bikram Shah.

Stating that the police have launched seven campaigns to build a safe Karnali, Dhakal said the QR system had come into operation with the aim of ensuring the safety of citizens and providing services in an easy manner.

“We have run this campaign to increase citizens’ trust in security, be closer to them and provide convenient services to them. Complaints received through QR code will be classified into three types,” he said.

Investigations will start immediately if the complaint is of a more urgent nature. Investigations will be launched within three days if the complaint is of an urgent nature, and within five days if it is of a general type, he said.

The legal process will be preceded by maintaining the confidentiality of the complainant, he added.




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