Eco corridor in community forests to draw tourists

NAWALPARASI: Activities based on wildlife contributing to tourism are thriving lately at Nawalpur. The community forests in the buffer zone of the Chitwan National Park (CNP) have become popular for sightseeing.

With the activities growing on eco-tourism, the number of tourists has also increased here.

From Gaidakot to Triveni Forest, the buffer zone of CNP is visited for seeing wild animals and birds. Jungle safari is popular, according to Chairman of Dhakaha buffer zone community forest, Nar Bahadur Mahato.

“We have prioritized tourism because tourists visit here to see wildlife. Jungle safari is a major choice,” he said, adding that the fee generated from tourists is the forest’s income.

Aquatic birds found in the Narayani River and other streams attract visitors. Diversity in wildlife is a special feature in this area, including CNP.

Mahato further informed that even an ‘eco corridor’ was set up to lure tourists. The corridor stretches over 2,020 hectares of land straddling various community forests. The trail is also determined for the convenience of tourists.

Moreover, four other community forests under Sishbar Consumers’ Committee in the buffer zone are also planning for the eco corridor. Management of the meadows and wetlands is also paid attention by the consumers’ committee.

The indigenous settlements near the forest are also promoting homestay. Central chairman of Homestay Association, Premshankar Mardaniyar Tharu, informed that the number of households running homestays and hotels targeting tourists has also increased in recent times.

Currently, there are more than half dozen homestays near community forests in the buffer zone. The number of such homestays would be increased, Chaudhari shared.





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