Karnali Province govt distributes Rs 24.5 million to earthquake victims

KARNALI: The Karnali Province government has handed over Rs 24.5 million to the earthquake survivors from Jajarkot, Rukum Paschim and Salyan districts.

A total of 16 local levels from these districts were provided monetary support.

Bheri and Nalgadh Municipalities and Barekot Rural Municipality of Jajarkot were provided Rs 2.5 million each, while Kushe Rural Municipality Rs 2 million, Chhedgad Municipality and Junichande Rural Municipality Rs 1 million each.

Government spokesperson and Minister for Internal Affairs and Law, Krishna Bahadur GC, shared this information. He added that Shivalaya Rural Municipality was provided half million rupees.

Similarly, in Rukum Paschim district, Athbiskot and Sanibheri Municipalities got Rs 2.5 million each, while Chaurajahari and Triveni Rural Municipality got Rs 2 million each. Musikot Municipality got Rs 1 million and Banphikot Rural Municipality received half million rupees.

Darma Rural Municipality of Salyan was provided Rs 1.5 million and Bagchaur and Bangad Kupinde Municipality each got half million rupees.

Jajarkot and Rukum Paschim suffered worst in the November 3 earthquake.



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