Creating hindrance in development projects will not be acceptable: DPM Khadka

KATHMANDU: Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka has said that the ways of working should be changed to address the people’s aspirations along with the country’s economic prosperity.

Addressing the meeting of the first quarterly review and Ministry-level Development Problem Resolution Committee organised at the Defence Ministry today, Deputy Prime Minister Khadka pointed out the need of moving ahead by resolving the problems immediately rather than buying time.

“We all have become the obstacles of the country’s progress intentionally, knowingly or because of someone. Creating obstacles in the pretext of legal provision for progress will not be acceptable. It should be improved,” he mentioned.

DPM Khadka also directed to present reasons of problems and ways of solution, not only problems.

“Reasons behind the problems should be clearly mentioned. The trend of waiting for the meeting of the Development Problems Solving Committee in order to resolve the problems seen in development projects should be ended”, he stressed.  The Defence Minister further said that an ordinance to amend acts and laws creating obstacles in the country’s prosperity would be brought.

Laying the emphasis on the need of completing the Tarai-Madhes fast track, linked with the prestige of Nepali Army along with country, on the slated time, he asked the bodies concerned to carry out activities in order to complete the construction of Tarai-Madhes fast track by Chaitra 2083 BS.

He also directed the Nepali Army to present itself strictly in case of non-performance by contractors in any pretext, stressing that NA, which has got responsibility of the project, to make the contractors responsible to complete the project within deadline.

There should be no compromise in the quality of construction of the project, he mentioned.

Similarly, Acting Vice-Chairperson of the National Planning Commission, Dr Ram Kumar Phunyal stressed the need of structural reforms for the country’s socio-economic transformation, adding the Commission is taking initiatives for structural reforms.

The Commission is doing homework in order to resolve problems of development projects through one-door systems, he shared.

Stating that problems seen in national pride projects should be resolved as soon as possible, Chief of Army Staff, Prabhu Ram Sharma, pointed out the need of giving special priority to such projects.

Nepali Army has been completing its assigned responsibilities remaining under the constitution, acts and laws, he shared, adding the NA is involved wholeheartedly to fulfill its assigned responsibilities.

Likewise, Secretary at the office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Eknarayan Aryal, said special laws would be formulated for projects of national priority while Secretary of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructures and Transport, Keshav Sharma, stressed that it would be appropriate to make special political decision to resolve problems seen in national pride projects.



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