Pepsicola accident: APF Constable Thapa succumbs to injuries

KATHMANDU: Among the people who were injured in a road accident at Pepsicola, one succumbed to injuries during the course of treatment.

The deceased has been identified as Armed Police Force (APF) Constable Usha Thapa.

Police said that the incident occurred when a bus (Ba 3 Kha 4848) heading towards Pepsicola from Jadibuti collided head-on with a Bolero Jeep (Ba 6 Cha 5342) this morning.

SP Kumod Dhungel, spokesperson at the Kathmandu Police Range, Kathmandu, said that 14 persons were injured in a road accident at Pepsicola.

Soon after the incident, a scooter (Bagmati Province 02-037 Pa 5311) and a motorbike (Bagmati Province 02-041 Pa 4838) also collided with each other.

She was riding on the scooter when the incident occurred.

Injured Constable Swasthani Khadka, who was riding pillion in the scooter, is undergoing treatment at the Minbhawan-based Civil Hospital.

The injured are receiving treatment at the Civil Hospital and Pepsicola-based Motherland Hospital.




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