50 percent of patients visiting hospitals found suffering from conjunctivitis

KATHMANDU: Conjunctivitis infection has spread throughout the country in recent days. Most of hospitals across the country are getting an increasing number of people suffering from conjunctivitis.
On an average, 50 percent of those visiting hospitals with complaints of eye infection are found suffering from conjunctivitis, said Dr Shailesh Kumar Mishra, the executive director of Nepal Netrajyoti Sangh.
“The problem of conjunctivitis was only seen at the bordering areas close to India in the beginning. At present conjunctivitis is found spreading across the country,” he said, adding that if the data as of Monday at hospitals in the Sangh’s network was considered, conjunctivitis infection is found among 50 percent of the people coming to the hospitals for eye check-up daily.
As per the Sangh’s data, of the patients visiting the Rapti Eye Hospital and Lamahi Eye Hospital in Dang daily, 80 per cent are found suffering from conjunctivitis infection.
Sangh General-Secretary Bharat Bahadur Chanda shared that they have issued directives to the hospitals and treatment centres under the Sangh to provide service being focused on conjunctivitis as it is spreading across the country.
The Ministry of Health and Population has already suggested the general public to adopt precaution as conjunctivitis is seen in different districts of the country.
Joint-Spokesperson at the Minitsry, Dr Sameer Adhikari, suggested not using medicine without advice of health workers as viral conjunctivitis can be cured within one-two week itself if it is treated in home.
Doctors said one should visit the hospital and health institutions immediately for the treatment if eye-related problems including vision.  RSS

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