Bir Hospital and Trauma Centre to provide OPD services from 8 am

KATHMANDU: OPD service has started at 8 am from todayat the Bir Hospital and the National Trauma Centre. Before, this service was started from 9 am.

Dr Santosh Poudel, Director at Bir Hospital, shared that the OPD services have been started from 8am from today for the convenience of the patients.

According to him, the time for registering for check-up has been fixed from 7 am to 2.30 pm at both health facilities. Surgical services will start from 8 am at Bir Hospital, Dr Poudel added. Moreover, the Hospital Administration has made e-attendance mandatory for all employees.

Three thousand patients have been availing of OPD services daily from the Hospital.

Chief of Trauma Centre, Dr Badri Rijal said the OPD services have been started from 8.15 am at the Centre. The service has been started from the morning at all the departments under the Centre.

A meeting of the Executive Council of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) had decided to start the OPD services at Bir Hospital and the National Trauma Centre from 8 am. RSS


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