KMC prohibits entry of vehicles in Hanumandhoka premises

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has banned the entry of vehicles within the Hanumandhoka precincts. The metropolis took this decision to protect the originality of the World Heritage Site.

KMC Mayor Balendra Shah said it is necessary to preserve the uniqueness of the place as its very identity is its ancient heritage. “These very heritages and their ancient distinctiveness are the ones that we can proudly show to the world and that we can adopt with dignity. Hundreds of thousands of tourists could come to experience and enjoy the place,” he said in social site.

Noting that thousands of tourists visited Basantapur area daily, Mayor Shah said there is possibility of hundreds of thousands of visitors coming for a visit in future.

He said vehicles have been banned within the Hanumandhoka premises, reiterating it is essential to preserve the uniqueness and aesthetics of the place and to keep the environs of the premises peaceful, clean and pleasing.


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