spotlights Nepali football fan culture with ‘SANKATA KO DHUN’ documentary premiere

KATHMANDU : The existence of fan culture in Nepali football is often questioned, with some arguing that clubs have not done enough and others questioning the fans’ unwillingness to get involved. Another section raises concerns about stakeholders not doing enough to attract fans and set the tone.

Recently,, a fairly new venture in the world of Nepali football, premiered a short documentary called ‘SANKATA KO DHUN’ at Te Bahal, Kathmandu. Te Bahal is the place that has hosted and remains the home of Sankata Club, Nepal’s top division side.

Amidst the presence of a few hundred people, including fans, club officials, journalists, and well-wishers, the young team of Bhakundo premiered the documentary in a grand manner.

After the premiere, Gaurav Phuyal, the CEO of Bhakundo Media & Management Pvt. Ltd., the company that owns, expressed his gratitude, saying, “This is the very first step. I want to thank the Bhakundo team for taking this initiative. We have tried a new thing that has not been done before in Nepali sports. We expect suggestions and we’ll keep learning, getting better and bring more of these to sports fans in the country. They deserve more of this.”

While fan culture in Nepali football does exist, it remains relatively small-scale. Sankata Club, a regular participant in the A Division League, can boast about their loyal fanbase and the culture that is reflected through their loyal supporters.

Although some clubs have a loyal fanbase and a rich history, not much has been shared with the public or covered by the media. Bhakundo’s efforts in showcasing this aspect through their documentary are commendable. Football fans in the country needs more of this, Nepali football as a whole needs more of this.



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