Nagarik Unmukti Party’s Arun Chaudhary released (With video)

KAILALI: A member of the House of Representatives and Nagarik Unmukti Party leader Arun Chaudhary has been released from jail on Sunday.

Chaudhary, who was doing time in the District Prison Kailali, was released after President Bidya Devi Bhandari waived his remaining imprisonment on the occasion of Democracy Day this morning.

He was suspended as a lawmaker following his arrest.

Party Chairperson Ranjita Shrestha had reached the jail to welcome him.

He was arrested from Kohalpur, Banke on February 2.

The Kailali district court in April 2013 had sentenced him to six months in jail and slapped a fine of Rs 900, 000 for torching a tractor in 2009.

Police had said that Chaudhary was detained as he has yet to serve the jail term for his crime.


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