Russian envoy urges not to forget assistance provided by Russia to Nepal

KATHMANDU: Russian Ambassador to Nepal Alexei Novikov has urged not to forget the mutual cooperation between Nepal and Russia and the assistance provided by Russia for the development of Nepal.

The ambassador said so after the Nepal government extended support to the United States during the Russia-Ukraine war.

In a lunch meeting with the editors of some leading media in Kathmandu on Wednesday, Ambassador Novikok urged them not to make the western media the main news source as they are biased about Russia.

“We want Nepal to respect our past bilateral relations, our cooperation and longstanding friendship,” he said.

Saying that the American and European media agencies are publishing the one-sided news, he urged the editors not to depend on them only. “We are ready to give necessary news and information,” he said.

The ambassador, who also held an informal meeting with four other senior officials along with the editors at the Russian Embassy in Kathmandu, also discussed the reactions received from the public recently about Russia in Nepal.


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