EC shows concern over opinion poll

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission (EC) has expressed its concern over an opinion poll for the elections to the House of Representatives and the Province Assembly through various social sites.

Some people are found to have carried out an opinion poll about political parties and candidates through social sites, and such acts are punishable as per the laws, according to a statement issued by undersecretary and EC’s assistant spokesperson Kamal Bhattarai.

Citing the move as the violation of election code of conduct, the EC in the statement said a poll survey about the election candidates and political parties taking part in the elections is punishable by the laws.  It may be noted that the voting for the twin elections is taking place on coming November 20 in a single phase.

It makes it clear that the Clause 4 of the election code of conduct-2079 BS, put a ban on organizing an opinion poll about election candidates or political parties taking part in poll, and publishing or declaring the results from the date of the registration of nomination until the completion of the voting.

The code of conduct does not entertain any opinion, the production of electronic stuffs and their release on social sites or the sharing of materials produced by others if such stuffs are capable of having implications on elections, the EC reminded. RSS


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