Life in early 20’s sucks

KATHMANDU: We all humans have to experience tremendous things in our daily life. The experiences of life are sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter. 

Life is a texture of joy and sorrow. It gives us opportunities, threats, happiness, sadness, etc. Sometimes it makes our heart jump up with joy and sometimes it kills our joy. 

As I am in my early 20, for me it feels like life has been deceiving me at every step. My fault or maybe my speciality was that I kept believing blindly in things and gave importance to everything in my life. Whenever life tried to push me down, I tried to rise as fast as I could. It was just an effort that always stayed with me. I made many friends in every phase of my life, however, they all started to separate at one point in my life. I started feeling alone and lonely at times, which I think was not necessary at all. 

Nowadays, things seem like I am holding one end of a rope and the other side is getting lost. It may be because I am not able to take care of things which are important to me properly. 

And yes, as far as I know, I am not the only one who is dealing with this type of situation at this age. We all have lost something, gained something and learnt to deal with life and its challenges. 

At this age, we have to deal with a lot of confusion. There are choices in our life but we cannot decide what to choose and what not to choose. For example, we can’t fix where we want to go, what we want to do with this life. We keep fantasizing about what we want in our future. 

There is a saying “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”. When life doesn’t work according to our plans then it will start harming us, turning our hearts into pieces. 

In this roller coaster ride of life, we have forgotten something very important at this age. Life exists in present and not in future or the past. Therefore, live for today, give your best to make your today worthwhile and then only your next day will be pleasant. Living in the present with a smile on your face fills your life full of happiness and joy.

It is not in our hands to control situations and determine things. It is God who decides what we deserve, what we do not, what is our destiny, what isn’t, what is best for us, what isn’t, what we found, what we lost, when to meet and when to part. Life never goes according to our plans and it never stops for anyone or anything. One thing that we always need to remember is that nothing is found more than luck and before time. 

However,  there come situations when it feels like one side of the body is broken. Life feels suffocating in the heat and humidity of the outside world. The way in front of our eyes becomes too blurred and nothing is visible. The heart becomes restless. We cannot figure out what to do with it. Growing up in a hectic life feels miserable.  

But then slowly everything heals as time passes and we become wise and the heart becomes strong like a stone. As we get wiser, we do not fit things, situations and people in a good or bad frame. We change our perception. We try to analyze and understand things, situations, changes and people more clearly rather than squeezing them by our old aspect of perception. We learn to see only the beautiful part of the world, we learn to handle the broken pieces of hearts.

Life is all about learning, each passing moment and experience teaches us something. If you made a wrong decision in your life, then you will be able to learn something from it so that you can be ready for the next time and if the decision is correct then it will, without doubt, boost your confidence level.

Everything happens for a purpose in life. If something wrong is happening in your life, it means that life wants you to learn something from it. Take everything positively because your negative mind is actually the only strongest evil in your life.  Accept things and adjust yourself to change. Nothing is permanent here. Learn from everything. Let it flow and take your step with that flow.  



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