Winning the war on drug addiction: Effective measures to adopt

KATHMANDU: First of all, what is meant by drugs? Simply put, drugs are those medicines taken excessively without the prescription of a doctor. But is that all? Obviously not. Understanding drugs is crucial for our health, society, and families, considering the short-term and long-term effects they may have, yet many people consume them on a daily basis.

Nowadays, drugs are readily accessible to people from drug stores in many countries. In comparison to our country, Nepal, the number of drug consumers has increased significantly compared to earlier days. Some causes of the increasing number of drug consumption include easy availability, curiosity and experimentation, mental health problems, chemical changes in the brain, and many more. Drugs are easily available from vendors, and the curiosity of students and teenagers drives them to try drugs to see how they taste or feel.

In the past, many cases were filed against drug addicts, and many were arrested in our country Nepal. Over the years, many people have recovered from drug addiction and have started to help others recover. In many countries, including Nepal, various bureaus have been established by the police to combat drug addiction.

Now let’s discuss some of the effects and symptoms of drug addiction. The main effects of drug addiction include physical health issues, mental health impacts, financial strain, risk of injuries and accidents, and neglect of responsibilities. Some symptoms of drug abuse include red eyes, hyperactivity, imbalance in the body, angry reactions, vomiting, and stomach pain.

Now, let’s talk about how we can control the problem of drug addiction. The primary prevention measures include organizing awareness programs in schools and colleges, implementing strict checks at checkpoints and stores, and resisting peer pressure.

In conclusion, drugs are simply medicines that can become addictive if taken excessively without a doctor’s prescription. Drugs are not inherently harmful unless they are used excessively. The excessive use of drugs should be reduced; otherwise, it may become a significant problem for future generations. We should follow proper preventive measures and educate people who consume drugs daily about how dangerous it is for our health, families, and future generations.


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