No, she is not that one,

doesn’t want to defeat you,

do not want to destroy your existence,

What she wants is just to establish equality.


Never want to move forward alone,

Wish is only joining hand on hand along,

Inclination is to have equal rights in every important decision,

 Effort is only for discrimination excision.


Her intention isn’t to make you fall from the top of your headway,

It’s only for building strong support for her own way,

Taken actions are only for stopping these toxic talks like,

   Keep your hair long,

      But step small,

  Put tongue in your mouth,

     But don’t answer,

Increase your face value by a dim smile

     But don’t laugh loudly,

  Dream big, achieve more,

    But keep your Circle small,

 Know about the world where it’s going,

  But Ahm!  don’t  gather with people,

  When words come to some big dreams,

  Fulfil them after marriage,

    But when got married,

   It’s your duty to manage the house.


Every moment her soul was broken,

Even there are still dreams of her flies, 

Have a million guards, million walls,

Who has been able to stop her flights?


She is raising her voice

Not to dominate you,

To keep her safe, keep her safe from every boundaries,

Physical and Mental torture, Sexual harassment,

Accept that, accept that, we are same,

We both  are nature’s beautiful fame,

Have equal rights over everything,

That day,  that day the world will find its real meaning.


Yes, she is raising her hand,

Yeah, she is taking this step not for being  an obstacle for your journey,

But only for uplifting her social fame

You think she’s weak, well no,

No, it’s just an illusion,

She’s enough capable to walk every height of this world’s attention.


She just wants to maintain her existence, not her supremacy,

She wants her rights, doesn’t wanna be a part of heptarchy,

She knows the world’s stage is tough,

       But she is ready to be stuff,

Now,  no matter how hard the mode of life,

We are ready to fight together like bee- hive,

The world needs to know she isn’t an object,

Stop making her feel like she’s a defect,

Let her fly, let her dream,

Let her fall, let her scream,

She will rise, in the world’s eyes,

She is wise, she’ll be a pride.



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