This world is so large

I can’t understand its beauty

but I keep it in my heart

I love this feeling,

I see this world from far

all that my eyes could see is the nature that makes this world stunning

that makes it a piece of art.

Those falling leaves,

the flowing rivers,

those warm sunset,

then comes the freezing dawn its all nature’s creation

which makes this world

a place to call home, to take rest

A place to return with a smile and be the nature’s guest

I love life yet I don’t live forever

I cherish aspiration of memories

yet it fades away slowly

I am happy to be alive

but sad to lose the ones,

those who helped me survive

The nature is cruel, Death is its ending yet that’s its beauty

because it brings new beginning

the ones who die are never dead

they live on, in the heart of someone that someone who cries for you,

that person who dies for you.


The nature creates bonds stronger it makes life Wonderful

I wish I could always be alive

to experience life,

to see sunrise

To see the new day

then see the bright light,

Then again its the nature

which brings along night

but the beauty it creates,

makes that moon a charming sight.


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