Kathmandu Valley witnesses coldest day of year

KATHMANDU: Temperature in the Kathmandu Valley has been plummeting day by day.  The Valley recorded the minimum temperature of 4.3 degree Celsius on Monday, the lowest of the year. On Sunday, the minimum temperature was 5.0 degrees Celsius.

According to the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, the Valley’s temperature has been decreasing by 1-2 degrees Celsius on a daily basis since last Friday. Meteorologist Pratibha Manandhar said, “The Valley’s temperature is plummeting by 1-2 degree Celsius each day and this pattern will continue till December 20.”

Meteorologists predict that the Valley’s temperature graph will drop to 0 degree Celsius.

Presently, the weather is partly to generally cloudy in Gandaki Province, Lumbini Province, Karnali Province and Sudur Pashchim Province and partly cloudy in the rest of the provinces. There are chances of light snowfall at a few places in the high mountainous region today.

According to the Division, the maximum temperature of the Valley was 19.3 degrees Celsius today. Similarly, Jumla reported the lowest minus 4.6 degree Celsius while Simara recorded the highest 28.9 degrees Celsius across the country today. RSS




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