Stop and talk to yourself

Yes you, you always ask others how’s going on? Yes, 

Have you ever questioned yourself about your own condition,

Yes you, Sometimes smile even for yourself,

You remain tied in all your affairs.

Take some time out for yourself

 life will go away, in a blink

Stop, take some time and talk to yourself for a moment.


 Yes you, you smile for everyone

Take a moment and Smile a little for yourself too,

How long will it continue like this,

Sometimes take out time for yourself too.


How long will you keep running, someday you will get tired,

When you try to take a rest, time will pass,

So just now, Stop take a moment and talk to yourself

Where am I going?  just ask this question,

It is not necessary that the one who runs will win,

Give a look, you may running in the same line, 

How will you win if you are running in the same line?

             Wait wait, But

Why are you trying to run away, just ask yourself,

You may not know, the way you viewing at the end of the path, 

Is infront of you, just give a look at your surrounding  


      Hmm!, another question

What do you want to show the world? 

Just ask yourself

If you run without thinking, where will you go?

Just think, shouldn’t you? 

Stop and ask yourself this question,

The queue I’m running in

 Is it actually mine? 

Or just to show the world,

Am I running away in vain? 

Stop, keep your eyes closed and ask yourself these questions,


Time will pass if I will stop,

Don’t even think about it

If you have to stop, stop

Before walking on the way ahead,

Ask yourself, question your soul, 

Am I going on right? 


             And if Yes, 

then with all your energy, move the step forward,


And Never forget, 

To ask the questions in every turn,

Go asking this question,

Then, so sooner you will definitely get your destination 

Always remember this thing.


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