13th Chitwan festival to start from January 9

CHITWAN: The 13th edition of the Chitwan festival is to be held on the banks of the Narayani River from January 9. The festival this year is set to focus on tourism.

According to information shared at a press conference here on Friday, this year’s Chitwan festival is being organised targeting the tourism sector as the sector has been badly hit by COVID-19 pandemic.

The festival will focus on uplifting tourism and tourism entrepreneurs, said Chair of the Chitwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Raju Shrestha.

The theme of the festival is the identity of Chitwan, multidimensional tourism and the fact that Chitwan is an excellent destination for both domestic and foreign tourists, said Chair Shrestha.

There will be 350 stalls including four special stalls in the festival that will run till January 18. The number of stalls has been reduced this year due to the risk of CoronaVirus.

The organisers estimate that around five hundred thousand visitors will attend the festival that is expected to lead to a trade and transaction of over Rs. 250 million. RSS



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