SAFF has done injustice by suspending me in final: Coach Almutairi

KATHMANDU: Nepali national football team head coach Abdullah Almutairi said that the SAFF has done injustice to him and Nepal.

The SAFF suspended coach Almutairi from the touchline for getting yellow card in the two matches of the group stage.

But, Almutairi cried foul over his suspension saying that the SAFF rules can impose suspension only to players not to the officials.

Nepal entered the final in the 13th edition of the SAFF Championship under the leadership of Almutairi.

Nepal are locking their horns against India on Saturday.

Indian national football team coach Igor Stimac has also been suspended from the touchline as he was slapped with the red card in the match against Maldives.

The SAFF rules, however, have not said that the officials will be suspended for receiving yellow card in two different matches.

Saying that the SAFF has done injustice by suspending him from the final of the SAFF Championship, chief head coach Almutairi accused the SAFF of suspending him to maintain balance with the Indian team.

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“The SAFF has decided to keep me out as the Indian coach has also been suspended from the touchline,” Almutairi said, adding, “If you do not follow the rules, it will be meaningless to formulate the rules.”

“I think they are not happy with the result of Nepal. But, I will not stay quiet, I will hold a meeting with AFC,”the head coach said during a virtual press conference on Saturday.

”The SAFF has not only suspended Abdullah but also the head coach of Nepal national football team,” he said.

“I will not stay mum, will move the court….will send applications to the FIFA and AFC,” Almutairi said, adding, “All should follow the rules and regulations. I think I will move the FIFA and AFC.” He further said, “I will protect the players even if I am suspended from the touchline.”



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