Are you planning to travel to your hometowns during Dashain? Here are 8 things that you should keep in mind

KATHMANDU: With Dashain in full swing, people are in a rush to travel to their hometowns to celebrate the biggest festival of Nepal. Some people take this festival as an opportunity to explore various places.

If you are planning to travel to your hometowns or new places, it is essential to keep a few things in mind.

Things to keep in mind while travelling

  1. Do not take your head out of the window of a moving vehicle. When a passenger takes his/her head out of the window, other vehicles may hit him/her
  2. Passengers with vomiting problems should consume medicines to stop vomiting before travelling
  3. People should buy tickets from ticket counters. It is best to buy tickets from ticket counters while travelling to hometowns or new places
  4. Do not forget to carry tickets. Conductors may ask you the tickets while travelling
  5. Reach bus station on time
  6. Remember the bus registration number
  7. Do not consume alcohol while travelling
  8. Try not not to travel alone

Assistant Sub-Inspector of traffic police Raj Kumar Gole said that the driver and co-driver should also be careful along with the passengers.

“Drivers should always carry a license and bluebook while driving the vehicles. Drivers should not consume alcohol while driving,” he said.

Transport entrepreneur Ram Karki said that the passengers should carry essential medicines while travelling on public vehicles.



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