Film Association decides not to open cinema halls

KATHMANDU: The Film Association has decided not to open movie theatres until they get permission to operate with 100 percent occupancy across the country.

Earlier on Wednesday, the government had decided to allow cinema halls to operate with a maximum of 50 percent occupancy.

General Secretary of the Association Ashok Sharma said that the government decision to reopen film halls only in Kathmandu Valley is impractical.

“The movie theatres will not be opened until we get the permission to open with full occupancy,” Sharma said.

“We will hold discussions with the Film Development Board and Covid-19 Crisis Management Centre to open the cinema halls across the nation,” he added.

Former Chairman of Film Association and QFX Director Nakim Uddin there is no possibility of opening the halls immediately as the lineup for the release of the movies has not been prepared yet.

Film Association Chairman Madhusudan Pradahan said that the Association is adamant on its demand to open the film halls across the country.

CCMC spokesperson Nurhari Khatiwada said that the district administrations have been given responsibility to take the decision on whether to open film halls across the country or not.

“We have given the permission to reopen movie theatres as per the working procedure of smart lockdown,” he said.


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