CPN (S) will have 17 office bearers, 151 central members

KATHMANDU: The to-be-formed CPN (Unified Socialist) has endorsed the interim statute 2078 on Tuesday. A meeting of the party, which has filed an application at the Election Commission to register a party, held at the Chandragiri Hills endorsed the party’s interim constitution and manifesto this morning.

In the approved statute, it is mentioned that the party will be abbreviated as CPN (S) and the guiding principle will be Marxism/ Leninism. The party, however, has decided not to adopt the multi-party democracy of the people as its strategic goal.

Instead of multi-party democracy of the people, the party has decided to adopt scientific socialism as its political line.

Party leader Shree Prasad Sah said that the party has decided to embrace scientific socialism as its political line to move ahead in the direction of socialism while protecting the values of multi-party democracy of the people.

The constitution of the CPN (S) is quite similar to the statute of the CPN-UML apart from people’s multi-party democracy and some other ideological values.

The party will have 27 office bearers and a 151-member Central Committee.

It is mentioned in the constitution that the 151-member Central Committee National Council will hold the elections until the general convention.

In addition to that the party will have a 151-member politburo and a 21-member standing committee.

There will be chairman, vice-chairman and secretary in the province, district and local level.


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