Cabinet Reshuffle in India

43 ministers including 11 women being added to Modi Cabinet today

To be sworn in this evening

DELHI: India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making changes to his cabinet today. The 43 new ministers are scheduled to be sworn in today at 6 PM.

Modi’s new cabinet will have 13 women. The age of 14 ministers is said to be less than 50 years. The Council of Ministers will be participated in by 18 former ministers of state. Four former chief ministers will also be a part of the cabinet.

The new ministers will include 13 lawyers, 6 doctors and 5 engineers. The youth and marginalized communities will be represented in the cabinet.

Some of the members of the old cabinets are to be removed. Modi’s cabinet will have 5 minority ministers in which there will be 1 Muslim, 1 Sikh, 1 Buddhist and 1 Christian ministers. There will be 8 ministers from the indigenous community.

In his second term, Modi is set to reshuffle his cabinet for the first time. Setting aims for the upcoming Assembly and Rajya Sabha elections, Modi is going to reshuffle his cabinet.


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