Rush of vehicles coming and going from valley even amidst prohibitory orders

KATHMANDU: Along with the prohibitory orders from the government that started on 29th April, it also banned the to and fro of public vehicles inside the Kathmandu Valley. But despite the prohibitory orders, more than 33,000 people have come to the valley and left. 

According to DSP Sunim Jung Shah, Assistant Spokesperson of the Metropolitan Traffic Police, 384 buses have entered Kathmandu through the Nagdhunga checkpoint and 443 buses have left the Kathmandu Valley through the same checkpoint. 

The highest number of buses have entered the Kathmandu Valley from Nagdhunga checkpoint  in the month of April/May, when prohibitory orders were strict. According to Shah, 159 big buses entered the Kathmandu valley through Nagdhunga border point from 29th April – 31st April.  

He said, “We have released those who came with the required pass of the district administration. Such buses are taking the needy to the village. This cannot be stopped.” 

As many as 827 buses arrived in the Kathmandu Valley during the prohibitory orders. According to the traffic police, 6,360 people came to Kathmandu in 169 buses in April, 6,800 people in 170 buses in May and 2,200 people in 55 buses in June. In April, 7,080 people went to the village from Kathmandu in 177 buses. In May, 7,560 people in 189 buses and 3,080 people in 77 buses went to the village from Kathmandu. 

A total of 71,665 vehicles including buses, trucks, tankers, ambulances, bikes and tippers have entered the Kathmandu Valley from Nagdhunga with the vehicle pass for essential services. 

Similarly, 63,899 vehicles including buses, trucks, tankers, ambulances, bikes and tippers have left Kathmandu till yesterday from the same checkpoint. 

Even if the government operated the large public transport in the Kathmandu Valley from today, they will not be allowed to travel outside the Kathmandu Valley. Vehicles that have taken the required vehicle pass during the prohibitory orders will carry these passengers out of the valley.                  


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