Fully vaccinated individuals returning from abroad to be allowed to go home directly

Not required to stay in state-mandated quarantine

KATHMANDU: Passengers coming to Nepal by flight from other countries getting vaccinated fully against COVID-19  will now be able to go straight home.

The government has made such an arrangement through the Order on Management of Passengers Arriving in Nepal from Abroad, 2078 BS. According to the new provision, those who got fully vaccinated will be allowed to stay in self-quarantine for 10 days.

Passengers who do not show any symptoms of COVID-19 but have not been vaccinated will have to stay in a hotel booked by them or designated by the government for seven days. In addition, every passenger coming from abroad should have a negative result of the PCR test done within 72 hours.

The government will bear the cost of the quarantine of those who have been recommended for expenses and have the poor financial condition.

Under this arrangement, in the case of senior citizens and children under the age of five, if the test is negative after testing for antigen, they can be sent to stay at ’ home quarantine’ for at least 10 days.

Employees of government and diplomatic missions, on the other hand, do not have to abide by the rules imposed by the government. Citizens who have gone abroad for government work, employees returning from Nepali missions, organizations and their families are allowed to stay in the home quarantine for 10 days if the corona test is negative. Action will be taken if any violation of these rules is found.


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