COVID in Children

Four children suspected dead of a new variant of COVID-19 in Siraha

Suspicion of the third variant of the COVID-19

JANAKPURDHAM: It is suspected that there is a third variant of COVID-19  in Siraha after the deaths of children.

Four children under the age of 16 died in Siraha in 12 days, said Medical Superintendent  Nagendra Yadav of Siraha Hospital. According to him, four children died on the way to the hospital as their health became critical. They had symptoms of cold and fever.

The cause of death of the children has not been confirmed. He says there is suspicion of a third variant of COVID. The PCR test of the deceased child could reveal the cause. But the parents did not accept to do so.

Medical Superintendent Dr Yadav said the hospital has no record of where the dead children were from. The children died on the way to the hospital. They could not be admitted. 

But no one has shown interest in finding out the cause of death. Dr Yadav said “It is the job of the local level health branch. You have to report what the problem is in your village/town. But that is not happening.”

He advised the patients to go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible and not to take medicine only as per the doctor’s advice.

In Dhanusha, no death of children has not been reported.  Dr Pramod Yadav from Province Hospital Janakpurdham said that no child with COVID symptoms has died recently.

He says that it will take one and a half months for the third variant of COVID-19 to come.



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