Prohibitory orders relaxed across country including in Kathmandu, odd-even vehicle provision implemented

Infection still above 22%

KATHMANDU: The odd-even provision in the private vehicle has been implemented from today, further easing the prohibitory orders in the Kathmandu Valley. All the three district administrations of the Kathmandu Valley have given permission to operate various shops.

The prohibitory orders have been made more lenient so that the business sector can operate. The order will be effective from today till midnight on 28th June. This time, the provision has been implemented in small vehicles (cars, jeeps, vans at most four people), taxis with three occupants and motorcycles and scooters.

Department stores (excluding groceries), shopping malls, sports goods shops, clothing, shoes, fancy, cosmetic, sari, gift shops, and tailoring will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11 AM to 4 PM. Similarly, gold shops, utensils, kitchenware, electrical, household items, automobiles, showroom automobile parts shops, electronics shops are also allowed to open on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 11 AM to 4 PM.

Online and takeaway services for essential items will be available for home delivery in Kathmandu Valley till 7 PM. The car repair shop has been asked to operate only till 7 PM. Marriages and rituals can be performed at home or in the place of residence by adopting health standards up to a maximum of 10 people. For this, two vehicles can be used.

Essential services such as ambulance, drinking water, electricity maintenance, health-related vehicles, telecommunication, internet maintenance, cargo, courier and postal services, garbage management related means of transportation can be operated. All crowded activities, trade on sidewalks and open spaces, wedding in hotels and party palaces, religious programs other than daily activities will not be allowed. Education will not be allowed in physical presence.

Operation and entry of vehicles without a pass from other districts except for public transport and essential vehicles, ambulances, health workers, animal health workers and those used by the security forces have been restricted. Examinations and visa interviews conducted for students or persons with EDV who have to go for foreign studies and by diplomatic missions can be conducted by following the prescribed criteria. Industries, factories and public and private construction works can be operated by following the health standards.

Vegetables, fruits, dairy products,  poultry, food, veterinary, fuel, gas, sanitary ware, print and government printing press, agricultural materials will be operated from 8 PM to 11 AM using a banner. For public and private construction work, transportation can be done from 9 PM to 5 AM.

The order states that banks and financial institutions, securities boards, insurance, remittances, cooperatives and non-governmental organizations will operate by following the health standards and adopting alternative measures to reduce congestion from the minimum manpower.

Infection still above 22%

According to the World Health Organization, an infection rate above 5% is considered extremely risky. Nepal’s infection rate is still above 22%. The district administrations have relaxed the prohibitory orders since Tuesday, saying it would keep the economy afloat.

The health ministry on Sunday announced the confirmation of mutation delta species of COVID. Despite the risks, the prohibitory orders have been relaxed.


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