Government prepares to bring 9 million doses of vaccine from American and Chinese companies

We will vaccinate everyone by November 20: Foreign Minister

KATHMANDU: The government says it is preparing to import 4 million doses of the vaccine from China and 5 million dose of the COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson in the United States.

Foreign Minister Raghubir Mahaseth said the government had asked the World Bank to buy 5 million doses from Johnson & Johnson.

 He said “We have asked the World Bank to bring 5 million doses from Johnson & Johnson. The government will not participate in this purchase, It has requested the World Bank for it ” 

Mahaseth explained that the government asked for the vaccine within 45 days, but Johnson & Johnson asked for 90 days to provide it. He also said that as per the non-disclosure agreement, the process of purchasing 4 million dose of vaccine from a Chinese Sinopharm Group company is about to begin.

The Ministry of Health has submitted a consensus proposal to the Council of Ministers to start the process. It is said that the cabinet meeting to be held today is likely to approve the agreement proposal with China for the purchase of vaccines. The ministry has submitted a proposal to the Council of Ministers to purchase vaccines to reach 20 percent of the population.

He said the government was also in talks with Israel to buy the vaccine. According to Mahaseth, the government plans to vaccinate all Nepali citizens with both doses by 19th November. He said that 25 million doses may be needed for all Nepalis to be vaccinated

The President’s Office has also said that there will be a breakthrough in vaccine procurement in a few weeks. Presidential communications expert Tika Dhakal told Nepal Press that a decision is likely to be taken within a few weeks by purchasing vaccines from the countries that have received the correspondence from Nepal.

The president had previously urged her Japanese, Chinese, Russian and US counterparts to take special initiatives in vaccine supply. Accordingly, China has provided one million doses. The President had also written a letter to the British Queen requesting vaccine supply.



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