New academic session begins today

KATHMANDU:  A new academic session has started in schools from today. With the start of the new academic session 2078, the recruitment drive for the new academic session has also started from today.

Earlier, the enrollment campaign for the new academic session was started on 14th April, but the new academic enrollment campaign has been affected since last year due to COVID.

The scheduled exams were postponed after the COVID pandemic halted last year’s annual exams. The schools themselves made the results public by conducting an internal assessment of the students.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has stated that even though the enrollment drive has started, the students will not be able to continue their studies in the schools. The ministry has informed us that the students will be online.

As schools have been banned in all 75 districts due to the COVID pandemic, parents can admit their children through phone, online, messenger, Viber. There is also a provision of people being able to admit their  children from home



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