The federal government urges local level to implement the standard of plastic bags

KATHMANDU: The federal government has urged all local levels to implement the standard of plastic bags. The Department of Environment under the Ministry of Forest and Environment has made such a request to all the 753 local levels through the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration.

It is mentioned in the budget of the coming fiscal year that the government will provide a capital grant equal to the investment if the industry producing plastic bags or seats thinner than 40 microns replaces the old machine parts and connects to the new ones. Mukunda Prasad Niraula, Director General of the Department of Environment, informed the Nepal Press that all the local levels have been urged to implement the public information statement of income and expenditure for the fiscal year 2078-079 BS.

The department has also informed that cotton, jute or paper bags should be used instead of plastic bags in the production, import, sale, distribution and use of plastics thinner than 40 microns to reduce the environmental pollution caused by plastics with effect from 6th August.


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