Prohibitory orders in Kathmandu to be extended for a week, stricter measures will be adopted: CDO

KATHMANDU: Preparations have been made to extend the prohibitory orders in Kathmandu Valley for one week to control the transmission of COVID infection.

Kathmandu Chief District Officer Kali Prasad Parajuli informed that they are preparing to add one more week of prohibitory orders as the virus infection rate is still high and its transmission has not decreased.

A meeting of CDOs of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur districts of the Kathmandu Valley on Tuesday will be deciding on the extension of prohibitory orders. Also, district administrations are preparing to adopt additional measures.

“As the transmission rate has not decreased and there still is movement of people, we are ready to extend prohibitory orders for one week with stricter measures,” CDO Parajuli told Nepal Press.

Parajuli informed that prohibitory orders will be extended strictly as the government has to effectively implement the COVID 19 Crisis Management Ordinance brought last year.

“The provisions of the ordinance will be implemented strictly to prevent people from going out of the house except for urgent work, holding those who walk unnecessarily and penalizing those who do not wear masks,” said CDO Parajuli.

District administrations are preparing for stricter protocols during prohibitory orders. The Home Ministry on Saturday issued a circular to all three security agencies and all-district administrations instructing them not to allow people to leave their homes. 

The current Kathmandu Valley prohibitory order period is coming to an end at midnight on 27th May. 


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