Administration fails to curb crowds at coronavirus hotspot Janakpurdham

JANAKPURDHAM: The local administration has imposed a prohibitory order as per the government policy to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The purpose of the order is to control the infection rate.

However, the Dhanusha administration has failed to enforce the ban in Janakpurdham, the temporary capital of Province-2. The District COVID-19 Crisis Management Center issued a restraining order on 5th May after the infection began to spread rapidly, but when looking at the market activity, it seems that the orders have ended. 

Most shops in the market area have started opening. City rickshaws have already started carrying passengers on the road. Entrepreneurs do not seem to have adopted health standards when selling various items in fruit and shops, nor do the service recipients, i.e. the general public, seem to be aware. The number of people not wearing masks has started increasing after police stopped taking action against them.

On Saturday, the Home Ministry had written to all 77 district administrations and security agencies instructing them not to let people out of their homes. However, the local administration has not shown any interest in preventing and controlling the infection in Dhanusha. Chief District Officer Bandhu Prasad Bastola could not be reached for a conversation on this matter.

Janakpurdham sub-metropolis has become the hotspot of the virus. Currently, about 1,200 are actively infected in the sub-metropolis and they are at home. Many even move around without monitoring by the health workers. At such a time, the crowds that have started appearing in the market may contribute to a terrible situation of coronavirus infection and spread in the region. 


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