Discussion on Subedi as Secretary General of NRN USA

KATHMANDU: Nepalis living in the United States are facing elections at this time. Candidates for the upcoming election of the National Coordinating Council (NCC) of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) are busy campaigning. 

Meanwhile, Nawaraj Subedi from Dolakha, who has been living in North Carolina, has intensified his campaign for the post of General Secretary of NRN USA. Announcing the three-point main agenda, Subedi, who is active in the campaign, said that if elected, he would work to enhance the dignity of the NRN.

“My candidacy is to unite Nepalis in the United States for the common good, to make NRN America free of political bias and transparent. As this agenda is shared by all, I am confident that everyone will support me,” said Subedi. He stressed the need for all Nepalis who obtain permanent residency in the United States to automatically become members of the NRN.

Stating that the growing division in the NRN on the basis of political affiliation was weakening the organization, Subedi said that he was eager to play the role of Secretary-General in building a united NRN.

Stating that he would place special emphasis on solving the problems faced by Nepalis arriving in the United States in the early days, Subedi said that the organization would be expanded in all 50 states of the United States and social work would also be intensified. Subedi plans to hold a public hearing on the organization’s activities on the first Saturday of every month after he becomes Secretary-General. “I have already made public the full schedule of my two-year term after I become the Secretary-General. I will move forward by incorporating the advice and suggestions of all Nepali brothers to make NRN America effective,” says Subedi.

Subedi, who has been doing social work in Nepal despite being in the United States, has provided special assistance in the construction of a museum at Bhimeshwar in Dolakha. Similarly, Subedi has been providing financial and social assistance in various fields including education and health. If he becomes the Secretary-General of the NRNA in the United States, Subedi plans to institutionally encourage Nepalis living in the United States to carry out social work at their homeland. 


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