Gautam Buddha Airport ready for ‘calibration flight’

RUPANDEHI: The Gautam Buddha International Airport in Bhairahawa, Rupandehi,is ready for a calibration flight.

Prabin Neupane, head of the airport construction project ICB II, said that the aircraft should be brought for the test. He said that the work of connecting all the necessary electrical equipment in the airport tower and runway area was completed in the final week of March.

According to Neupane, the calibration flight is to test whether the equipment connected to the runway, tower, etc., which directs the flight and landing at the airport, as well as other operations, is working or not.

“We are constantly trying to figure out how to get the plane and foreign technicians needed for the calibration flight. We were busy preparing for the calibration flight, but in the meantime, the risk of coronavirus infection has stopped the process ” he said. Neupane explained’ We are still in the process of preparing for the calibration flight, we can do calibration flight, all the necessary equipment has been connected, ‘.

According to him, the calibration flight is mandatory as the pilots of the aircraft contact the tower to know whether the instruments are working or not, whether the instructions are heard or not, from the calibration flight. Airthai is a Thai company responsible for the construction of ICP 2.

Continuity in work with awareness

Domestic and foreign workers are also working at the airport amid coronavirus infections. The work is being done by arranging for them to stay in the working area, said the Chief Entrance Officer of Gautam Buddha International Airport Project.

There are currently 20 Chinese, 18 Indian and more than 80 Nepali workers and technicians working in the airport area.

According to the official, work is underway to connect the interior, decoration, furnishing, floor ceiling and air conditioning of the departure and arrival halls of the terminal building. Similarly, gardening, landscape, painting and marking works have been completed.

“Except for an X-ray machine, all the important equipment from abroad have arrived,” he said. It is happening, as soon as there is a comfortable and safe situation, there will be a breakthrough at any time. ‘

All other works including construction of infrastructure and electrification within the airport area have been completed. The work of fencing has been completed, peripheral road (inner) has been constructed and the external road is being constructed. Officials said that there is a problem of manpower in the construction of external roads due to Coronavirus infection.

North West Civil Aviation Company of China had agreed to complete the ICB Zero One project by December 31, 2017, through a global tender at a cost of Rs. 6 billion 225.1 million 20 thousand and  227.

The second phase of the work is underway as the first phase of work is completed.


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