Couple provide donation to hospital by cutting down marriage expenses

DANG: A couple that got married in the midst of the COVID pandemic has helped the Rapti Institute of Health Sciences to buy oxygen by donating money after deducting their wedding expenses.

Abhinash Rana and Sirjana Rana Kunwar of Ghorahi-18 Nawalpur have cut their wedding expenses and donated Rs 51,000 to buy oxygen for the treatment of COVID-infected. 

They said that they did so to help those who were in critical condition without oxygen.

Abinash Rana said that they were very happy to be able to donate a small amount of money to buy oxygen after cutting down their wedding expenses and fulfilling social responsibility, imparting a positive message to society.

Rana and Kunwar got married a few days ago following health and safety standards. The newly married couple met Sangita Bhandari, Vice-Chancellor of Rapti Institute of Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd. and Hospital Director Pragya Basnet and handed over a check of Rs 51,000 to Registrar Jhangkar Lamichhane.

VC Bhandari thanked them for helping them to buy oxygen cylinders by cutting down their wedding expenses during the COVID pandemic and wished them a successful married life ahead. 


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