Isolation center with oxygen supply being operated by Aathabis Municipality in Dailekh

SURKHET: Aathabis municipality in Dailekh has set up isolation wards with oxygen to protect citizens from the growing number of COVID infections.

Mayor of the municipality Khadgaraj Upadhyaya, who is in home isolation due to COVID infection, said “Our municipality has a significant number of citizens coming from India. As the number of COVID infected with the new variant is increasing day by day, we have purchased ten large oxygen cylinders and brought the isolation center into operation. We have connected them to the beds. So far, seven COVID infected have been admitted here for treatment.” 

He complained that there were more problems with lack of oxygen than beds. “We don’t have a shortage of beds. Community school buildings can also be used. The main problem is oxygen,” says Mayor Upadhyaya, “We have managed to buy only ten cylinders now. We are hopeful of getting oxygen cylinders from the federal government.” 

He appealed to the locals to maintain social distance, wear masks and stay at home to help the municipality.

He explained, “We have requested everyone who returned from India to stay in home isolation for 14 days. Everyone is staying at home. Everyone’s role is important to prevent COVID. I request everyone to be aware of this.” 

‘Seventy percent of the youth from Aathbis go to India for employment. 


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