Seven-year-old boy from Gulmi defeats COVID infection in just 5 days

GULMI: A 7-year-old boy from Madane village of Gulmi defeated the infection at the COVID-19 Special Hospital run by the village municipality.

Rajesh Raut, a seven-year-old boy of Aglung, Madane-1, was taken to a health post by his parents on 5th April after he developed difficulty in breathing and had a fever. Health workers did an antigen test and found him to be COVID positive.

On the same day, he was admitted to the temporary COVID Hospital in Ward No. 4, and was given oxygen purchased by the municipality.

He recovered with the help of other vitamins and was discharged on the fifth day on Saturday evening, said Tirtha Raj Panthi, health coordinator of the village.

A  temporary 10-bed has been set up in Myalpokhari special COVID hospital for the treatment of COVID infected. The hospital has three oxygen plants and six oxygen cylinders. This is the first time in the district that someone won against COVID in the temporary COVID Hospital run by the municipality.


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